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Ad Recall Lift (people) is a measurement that estimates the number of people who might remember seeing your ad two days after encountering it on the Facebook platform. Facebook measures this by determining the difference between the ability of people who saw your ad and people who did not to remember your brand, product or service. That […]

When you create a piece of content on Facebook, there are a number of different things that a prospective member of your audience could click on. You could, for example, click to expand a post and examine an image more closely. You could click into the comments section and being to explore what people are saying about […]

The Facebook People Taking Action metric measures the number of unique people who take any action after viewing your ad. When you compare this number with your total reach you can quickly identify what percentage of the people who see your ad have engaged with it. It is important to remember that one person can take multiple actions […]

When you’re promoting your product or service online, it’s important to understand how users are reacting to your content. The Facebook Relevance Score is one way that you can determine exactly how well your work is resonating with the people you’re trying to reach. These insights can help you to determine if you need to revise your […]

Have you ever needed to quickly double check how much of your ad budget has been used already? If so, you should pay attention to the Facebook Amount Spent metric. Amount spent is helpful because it can quickly reveal the amount of budget you’ve used during the time period you’ve set your reports dashboard to view. It […]

Cost per result is a metric that helps you to determine the consequences of your advertisement. Perhaps you’ve designed a campaign to generate page likes. In that case, your cost per result will report the cost of each page like generated by your ads. Some results are the subject of attribution windows. It’s possible, for example, that […]

Reach is a measurement that Facebook uses to report the total number of people who could have seen your content. Many advertisers are startled when they first discover that the numbers they see for “impressions,” and “reach” are often different. This happens for a simple reason: reach measures people, impressions measures the number of potential opportunities a […]

over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a handful of questions about which metrics are worth paying attention to in the Facebook Ads reports console. I think there’s a good reason for this: unless you know what you’re looking for, you’re likely to spend quite a bit of time fishing around for something that can help to illuminate […]

One of the most exciting announcements to come out of F8 was the news that Facebook would be turning its attention to building up the tools that support the powerful Facebook Group feature. Rumors are flying everywhere including mention of the release of a post scheduling tool for groups and enhanced member analytics. Savvy businesses are already beginning […]