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Estimated Ad Recall Lift People

When you’re running an ad to boost awareness about your brand, you may notice that you have access to the Estimated Ad Recall Lift People metric.

This powerful measurement can help you to estimate the number of people who are likely to remember encountering your advertisement.

This can be helpful in a number of circumstances. Estimated Ad Recall Lift People can help you to determine which audience segments are most likely to engage and remember the encounter they have with your content. By balancing attention and reach, you can promote longer engagements with your content.

The longer someone spends with your content, the more likely they are to remember the experience.

That can help you to quickly realize your business objectives.

Facebook determines how many people will remember seeing your ads two days after encountering them by conducting an experiment on people who do and do not see your ads. Some of these numbers are based on variables that Facebook measures by paying attention to the way users respond to surveys about ads run across the platform. (That’s why you may find that the number isn’t always exactly precise.)

By determining the difference in recall between the number of people who do and do not see your ads, Facebook is able to provide you with an Estimated Ad Recall Lift People measurement.

This number is then used to derive the cost per estimated ad recall lift (people) metric.

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