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Cost Per Estimated Ad Recall Lift (People)

Ad Recall Lift (people) is a measurement that estimates the number of people who might remember seeing your ad two days after encountering it on the Facebook platform.

Facebook measures this by determining the difference between the ability of people who saw your ad and people who did not to remember your brand, product or service. That relationship is based on a number of factors.

When it comes to calculating your cost per estimated ad recall lift, Facebook takes your total amount spent divided by the estimated ad recall lift rate (people) metric.

This comparison can help you determine how effective a Brand Awareness ad that you’re running on the platform really is. It can also help you to get some idea of the staying power of your advertisement.

This information can helpful when you’re trying to figure out the best way to expose your brand to a wider audience or how to grow your reach. It can even help you to get an early indicator as to the success of your targeting.

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