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Facebook Reach

Reach is a measurement that Facebook uses to report the total number of people who could have seen your content.

Many advertisers are startled when they first discover that the numbers they see for “impressions,” and “reach” are often different. This happens for a simple reason: reach measures people, impressions measures the number of potential opportunities a user has of viewing your content.

There are many different ways that the platform can deliver impressions. You might encounter an ad promoting a post or discover the same post when you’re browsing through a page or group. You may also encounter a post that has been shared by one of your friends. In this way it is possible for an individual to see the same post more than one time. In these situations, you might expect to see a higher number of impressions than you do reach.

Reach is calculated by sampling a portion of the traffic data and extrapolating its value based on a number of different variables. The reach of a campaign can be influenced by the audience that you target, the amount you bid to reach that audience and the budget of your campaign.

You may also find it helpful to consider the cost per 1,000 people reached or the frequency at which your ads have been delivered.

These metrics can help you understand exactly how many people you’re reaching and give you some indication of whether or not you need to increase your audience, your budget or raise your bids.

Some ad products allow you to optimize your campaigns based on reaching as many people as possible. This can help you promote your product as in many cases users who see ads and ultimately purchase don’t necessarily click on your content. It’s not uncommon for a user to see an ad for a product or service they’re interested in, write down the name of the organization and track down the company on a different platform. It generally holds that the more people who see your ad, the greater the likelihood you have of growing your sales.

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